Togetherwith® ZonaJobs


Brand Strategy

A brand associated with disruption and innovation regarding online employment searches, needed to change its tone and communication for a new generation; The Millennials. During the strategic discovery, we found key insights that these new workers expect from their new employers.

These insights are the main areas the brand will focus on during a long period of communication in order to be part of this new generation of workers.

1./ Juana


We cast an unknown with tremendous talent into the part of Juana and created a sensation in the marketplace. It prompted discussion across media channels for months and brought the issue of diversity and inclusion front and center. For ZonaJobs, this campaign stays true to their brand as champion for good workplace environments.

2./ Anti-Millennials


Work-life balance is a huge issue for younger workers. This campaign creates an anti-hero struggling with the blurred lines of work and play. With humor and sympathy, we created a memorable campaign that sparked discussions in trade publications and the news from every point of view. Disruptive and innovative? Check.