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Togetherwith and Stellantis' Digital Board Discovers What Only Jeep Means

The campaign revealing Jeep in Spanish to mean 'off-road' was released for the Jeep 4x4 day in Argentina

For the Jeep 4x4 day on April 4th, Togetherwith and Stellantis launched Jeep Translate, a campaign that focused on the brand spirits, through what it means.

“Behind the Jeep logo is its spirit”, said Lulo Calió, CCO & partner of Togetherwith. And he added: “This is a very punctual and direct campaign, which aims to make people discover the literal meaning of the brand. This is one of those ideas that a brand can’t stop doing”.

Under the claim ‘I discovered what only Jeep means’, the initiative can be seen on public roads and digitally, where people who scan a QR code, will be redirected to a translator's page. In this way, it is revealed that when translating Jeep into Spanish it means ‘off-road’, even for the Royal Spanish Academy.

This makes it the only brand in the world whose meaning reveals its own DNA. We can say that, in some way, Jeep transformed our language.