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Help, Hope and Happiness

Pandemics are not unprecedented; The Black Plague, The Spanish Flu, Polio and AIDs wiped out millions to name just a few. It is however an unprecedented experience for most generations experiencing COVID-19 today. The sudden and dramatic shift from absolute freedom to restriction, combined with fear of the unknown and uncertainty from leadership leave most looking for comfort and answers wherever they can find them. People are making and sharing favorite food recipes online, communicating frequently via video chats with friends and family, buying trusted brands instead of generic labels and singing nostalgic songs out their windows.

The numbers indicate that the situation on the ground in many cities around the world will become more intense in the coming weeks (for U.S. predictions, check here; )
Some brands will choose to stop communications. Some must communicate safety measures, operational changes, legal and contractual shifts that impact their customers. Some are seeing huge demand spikes for essential and/or comfort products and services and need to clearly outline any supply chain issues, delays and sku availability. All should stop push communications, hard selling and certainly any marketing that is opportunistic and tone deaf.

And please, no stunts.

Many brands have a mix of the above, and some have the opportunity to contribute. For those brands we recommend they continue to behave authentically and apply what resources they can to address the problems at hand – a move in mindset from selling to customers to supporting their customer communities.

For those clients who can, we recommend using a creative communications architecture around three H’s;

HELP What resources do we have and how can we apply them to do the most good?

HOPE How can we use our storytelling capability, technical resources and ad inventory to tell good stories that are unfolding that give people hope.

HAPIPINESS What can we do to provide education, entertainment and activity as people self-isolate and crave connection to keep mental health high.

If your brand or agency decides to do something, we suggest you;

  • Quickly organize your ideas and solutions into these three buckets to help give focus and direct communications.
  • Keep your brand in the background. Way back in the background. Let the action and story speak.
  • Put people first. They should be the highlight, not your brand.

A new study from Ace Metrix found 75% of people want to see brands taking action to fight the pandemic. Additionally, a separate 4A's report found that 56% of consumers are paying a close watch around how brands respond to the situation.

A new normal will eventually return. How you act now will solidify what kind of company and brand you are and how the public remembers you in the future.

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About Together w/

Together w/ is an independent agency that integrates creativity, technology, production services and media. The agency works for the United States, Mexico and Latin America markets with direct presence in Buenos Aires, New York and Mexico City. Among its clients are brands and companies such as FCA, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, Holcim, Navent, Inmuebles24, ZonaJobs, Bumeran, Bodegas Norton, UNHCR, and Prodeman among others.