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Brand Strategy

For 2020 Mondelez International redefined their goals, splitting into two pillars; sustainable snacking and mindful snacking. Sustainable snacking includes measures to reduce their carbon footprint and the use of natural resources to produce the least possible impact.

This also includes the innovation process in packaging to reduce a generation of waste and use recyclable materials. “The most environmentally friendly packaging that maintains the quality of the product is the great challenge today – not only for us but also for all industries.” –Sebastián Delgui, Corporate Director

1./ Pepitoshhh!


The favorite cookie of Argentine teenagers had a problem. The perception about the brand was childish and old-fashioned. We needed to re-introduce the brand and rebuild the Brand Love from previous generations. With innovative packaging that addressed a more self-involved generation, our new campaign began to build a new empathy with young people not used to sharing.