Togetherwith® Coca-Cola


The challenge

The COKE’N MUSIC promotion is a key cornerstone to the brand’s growth strategy in Central Asia. Their 2020 Vision aims “to refresh the world” and “inspire moments of optimism and happiness” by connecting the emotional content of music and passionate fan base of local bands seamlessly to a brand experience.



Coca-Cola needed a frictionless interface that worked across 5 languages with participation mechanisms that could be customized for each country. In addition, we needed to integrate quickly with their backend developers and vendors to meet strict timelines. Our multidisciplinary team delivered on time and in budget, helping the brand achieve one of their most successful launches in Central Asia.


  • 1) Home

    Promo mechanics and under the cap input

  • 2) Home - Form

    Form slides up.
    User info completed trough active session.

  • 3) Feedback / Raffle participation

    Upload another code or find a redemption center.

  • 4) Prizes redemption centers

    Find the nearest redemption center trugh filters / maps.


Responsive Tables

Capable of active filtering on frontend

HTML Animation

Explaining promo mechanics for each region.

Friendly Inputs

Compact errors and placeholders with suggestions.

Active Filtering

Table filtering based on user input. Charset agnostic.

Touch-first interaction

Swipe navigation across menus.