Togetherwith® Jeep



In a world that craves authenticity, Jeep® is one of the few authentic brands left. But how do you translate that truth? We just let people find it for themselves.


Jeep is always looking to connect with the outdoor mindset. People who have a one-to-one connection with nature and want a brand that reflects their own authenticity. On National 4x4 Day, we came up with the perfect campaign that let people translate the truth about Jeep.


We saturated out of home media with a simple request; search for the definition of Jeep. Not on, not on a special app we created or anything the brand controlled. Instead, search online, anywhere you like. What did people find? Jeep means Offroad. In fact, it is the only brand in the category with this meaning. No tricks, no gimmicks; just true translation that future JEEP OWNERS CAN SEE FOR THEMSELVES (AND SOMETHING WE KNEW ALL ALONG).


Search results for Jeep skyrocketed and media outlets picked up the story. Our integrated media and creative team insured that we had the message in the right place to drive maximum engagement. Now, everyone knows the truth about Jeep, and the brand couldn't be happier with the results.

In numbers

26 Million


5 Million

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