Togetherwith® Casablanca


Viví tu hogar

The campaign is for Casablanca Performance paint line.

In order to strengthen its brand awareness, and communicate its complete line of products, Togetherwith presents the campaign "Viví tu hogar" for Casablanca.
The project was based on an intense planning work and a deep search for the correct insights, which detected that today the world of trends in home decoration can make your house look very good but become "not very livable".

The magazine houses are very nice, but it seems that nobody lives in them. Worrying about having and showing off the perfect home can generate high levels of stress. Do not touch the walls so as not to stain them, do not use the kitchen so as not to dirty it, do not use the sofa because it gets stained, do not hang pictures so as not to mark the paint… Casablanca Performance’s line of paints arrives to propose you to live your home, to enjoy your home without worrying so much about trends and details. Enjoy the spaces with your family, use that untouchable armchair and know that wetting the walls is not a drama if you have the right product. You can live your home without worrying so much because Casablanca is going to look after the walls.

The campaign features a TV main piece for brand awareness, and 4 tactical versions that highlight the technical attributes of the Casablanca Performance product range.